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Geschreven door SAP-Web op donderdag, 17 maart 2011

Japan has faced one of the worst ever earthquakes, followed by a devastating tsunami and now a nuclear disaster one cannot yet estimate the gravity of…

We are launching an urgent call for financial solidarity. We do not yet know how the solidarity will be organized there, but we have good contact with our sister organisations, especially in Tokyo. We shall see with them what the priority needs will be and the best way to operate. But we already know that the needs will certainly be tremendous.

You can send donations via Europe solidaire sans frontières (ESSF), Europe in Solidarity Without Borders :

Bank Account:

Crédit lyonnais

Agence de la Croix-de-Chavaux (00525)

10 boulevard Chanzy

93100 Montreuil


ESSF, account number 445757C

International bank account details :

IBAN : FR85 3000 2005 2500 0044 5757 C12


Account holder : ESSF

We shall keep you informed through our website of the evolution of the situation there and of the solidarity initiatives.

We have various contacts in Japan with members of associations as Attac or PP21, trade unionists, or with the two organisations linked to the Fourth International (JRCL, NCIW).

For now, we have received news from those living in Toyo and Osaka. Friends from Iwaki (severely hit) are alive but the destruction was severe. We also received news of some of those living in Miyagi, Sendai, and Fukushima, but not yet from all of them.

The situation can worsen any time with “replicas” of the earthquake and, even worse, increasing radioactivity.

Pierre Rousset


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